10 million children
have been orphaned to date by    tuberculosis (TB).


X-ray imaging can facilitate
the diagnosis and treatment of TB.
Yet over half of the world’s
population has no access to x-rays.

Let's change this picture.

Bringing digital x-ray capabilities to underserved communities around the world.


Our Goals:

Raise awareness of the shocking lack of x-ray imaging capabilities in the developing world.

Offer x-ray services to people in need.

Provide proper diagnoses and help them survive.

We take X-rays for granted.

They are one of the most commonly used tools to diagnose disease. X-rays can help to detect TB, complications of HIV/AIDS, cancer, trauma, and various other conditions.

100 millionWe can’t imagine medical care without x-rays. chest x-rays each yearUnfortunately, that’s the reality are taken
in the U.S. alone.
for millions of people.
We can’t imagine
medical care without x-rays.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality
for millions of people.

Without access to proper diagnostic tools like x-rays, people with treatable conditions continue to suffer.

Help us help others.

(Improving Access to Care by Teleradiology)
is administered by The Synthesis Collaborative, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization which raises funds to set up teleradiology services for underserved communities in the developing world.

Volunteer radiologists donate both time and resources. They access a cloud portal, interpret the images, and report back to the point of care. As a result, afflictions which are commonly misdiagnosed, or missed entirely, are properly diagnosed, helping to save lives.

How IMPACT! works:

1 Digital X-ray equipment is installed at points of care.

2 Images are stored in the cloud through our partners at ScImage.

3 X-rays are downloaded and interpreted by volunteer radiologists around the world.

Partnerships empower communities

To further improve people’s health in the developing world, we are partnering with organizations vested in those communities. Organizations like the HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh and H.O.P.E. Haiti have provided care in their respective communities for years.

IMPACT! Will increase these institutions' capacity to deliver quality health care.

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

The HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh established the Cox’s Bazar Hospital for Women and Children (CBHWC), and is now the primary source of care in the region.

Through our partnership with The HOPE Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh, we will provide the community served by CBHWC with the modern diagnostic imaging resources they desperately need.

The work of CBHWC is essential.

We look forward to complementing their talented staff to create  a more
self-sustaining community.

Borgne, Haiti

The not-for-profit foundation H.O.P.E. Haiti was established to fund and support the ASB Community Hospital (Alyans Sante Borgne), which is Borgne’s only hospital.

The ASB Community Hospital serves 80,000 people in a resource-poor community, which has no shortage of capacity for caring. As their partner,

As their partner, we look forward to making an IMPACT! with ASB and the Borgne community.

X-ray images preserve life.
Inspired mural art enhances it.

WALL\THERAPY is a public art initiative of The Synthesis Collaborative, which uses murals to address our collective need for inspiration. To further uplift the people we serve, internationally renowned street artists and muralists will create murals in the neighborhoods surrounding our IMPACT! Sites. By sharing their talents and gifts, our “wall therapists” help elevate the human spirit.

Coming soon:

Renowned artists from across the globe turn x-ray film into art.

Dr. Ian J. Wilson

Dr. Ian J. Wilson is an assistant professor of Imaging Sciences at the University of Rochester Medical Center, whose narrative began in Brownsville, Brooklyn as the son of Panamanian immigrants. His family eventually moved to East New York where he was raised. He went on to attend Xavier University of Louisiana and graduated in '95. Wilson matriculated at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and graduated in 1999. After a one-year internship in Flushing, Queens, Dr. Wilson moved back to Rochester for formal training in diagnostic and interventional radiology.

Introduced by his older brother to graffiti culture during early childhood, Ian's own story as a writer began in the early 90's while in college. He continues to support the graffiti and the street art movements as a collector and founder of the WALL\THERAPY mural project in Rochester, NY. Dr. Wilson is also the co-founder of The Synthesis Collaborative, a not-for-profit organization that helps to improve the health status of communities in the developing world using the tools of teleradiology and cloud computing. The Synthesis Collaborative is currently working to launch inaugural medical imaging sites in Haiti and Bangladesh. The use of technology to improve access to health care is a core motivator and practiced daily in Dr. Wilson's professional life.

Photo of Dr. Ian J. Wilson

Jason A. Fair

Jason A. Fair is an experienced sales professional in the medical device and biotechnology arena who now calls Rochester his home. He was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and soon left to become a resident of Georgia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and California as a result of his father being a career Naval officer. After graduating high school in San Diego, he moved to Texas to attend Prairie View A&M University on a NROTC scholarship. He majored in chemistry while minoring in Naval Science and Spanish. After college, he moved to the east where he began his professional career as a synthetic-medicinal chemist before moving into sales. In 1997, he moved to the Rochester area and became involved with the medical community. Over the years, Jason has sat on various non-profit boards and participated in various community health initiatives, which sparked his interest in social outreach. In 2010, he co-founded The Synthesis Collaborative with friend and colleague, Ian Wilson.

Photo of Jason A. Fair

Dr. Simone Elvey

Dr. Simone Elvey is a radiologist at Highland Hospital, an affiliate of Strong Memorial Hospital, located in Rochester NY. She received her M.D. from SUNY Buffalo Medical School, and then did both her residency in radiology, and fellowship in interventional radiology at Strong Memorial Hospital.

In 2010, her professional career was cut short by a massive stroke. While undergoing rehabilitation, she felt it was time to switch gears to her passion – non-profit projects that are dear to her heart, specifically, The Synthesis Collaborative and its public art initiative, Wall Therapy. When she's not working with her speech therapist, or with The Synthesis Collaborative, Dr. Elvey travels the world to visit family and friends. She currently resides in Rochester, N.Y. with her six goldfish.

Photo of Dr. Simone Elvey